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Botanical Gardens — In Times of Conflict, and Beyond
Since January 2020 many members of BGCI, including the secretariat itself, have beenactively supporting AFLP’s BGNet initiative, by working with three Afghan universitiesthat are spearheading their botanical garden projects.
Political events in Afghanistan have put what we hope is only a temporary pause to theinitiative. The underlying causes that spurred BGNet in the first place remainunchanged, and may have become even more compelling in light of recent events.
The interview will seek the thoughts and ideas of Dr. Paul Smith, Secretary-General ofBGCI, umbrella organization for botanical gardens worldwide.

Sep 21, 2021 06:00 PM in Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo

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Dr. Paul Smith
Secretary General @Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI))
With a career spanning 25 years working in conservation, Dr. Smith joined BGCI as Secretary General in March 2015. He is the former Heard of Kew's Millennium Seed Bank (MSB) and, during his nine years at the helm, seeds from more than 25,000 plant species were conserved in the MSB.